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You will find this is a book of stories of people and circumstances that influenced the author to dedicate his life to conservation out on the land. There are stories of how conservation messages (secrets, if you will) were shared with ranchers, farmers, and others. Stories of developing technical knowledge, skills, and abilities are included as well as stories of employee development and leadership development. The story of how he came to create a nationally televised, conservation-based, half-hour weekly show for four years is also featured.


The breadth and depth of the author’s experiences are weaved in the stories of working with ranchers and other land managers, conservation groups, and agency employees. Some stories are humorous, a few may strike an emotional chord, and all stories are factual and contain teachable moments.


These stories will inspire readers to affect positive changes. The hope is the readers will develop their own journeys and provide guidance and suggestions for others to share conservation secrets out on the land. "Out on the Land, Sharing Conservation Secrets” is an enjoyable read covering almost seven decades.






Photo is by Katy Hoskins, 2020. Her full photograph was cropped to fit the book cover. Location is the Devil's River at Baker's Crossing north of Comstock in Val Verde County, Texas on Texas State Highway 163.


To view her full photo and purchase prints contact her through website.

Out On The Land - Sharing Conservation Secrets

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